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loop reduce based on Groups


using v10 of Publisher. Trying to get loop and reduce based on Groups working properly. I have a field Branch in the document where Branch values match that of Groups in AD. However, in the Loop Field in Document portion where Check user identity on: there is no option for UserandGroupName as in Rob W's tutorial?

I tried selecting DisplayName but no avail... What option should I pick for Check user identity on if i want to loop / reduce based on Groups.


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loop reduce based on Groups

I think you can always check on SID since AD groups have an SID just like user accounts. Finding out what it is might be a bit tricky, but see this webpage: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc731202(WS.10).aspx. If this doesn't work, I would also try UserPrincipalName.


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loop reduce based on Groups

Find a solution?

loop reduce based on Groups

I tested with a Local setup (no access to AD at the moment) and assigning the group to SAMAccountName worked fine. Have you tried that?