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my own QV-document doesn't work in our server

We are rather new to QV. We have a server (v 8 something) and I have a developer's licence (v8.5..) locally on my laptop. I have made several QV-documents, and they work fine in my environment, but when they are uploaded (manually by our IT department) to the server the documents stop working. When I start my QV I can choose to 'Open in Server' and that's fine. I connect and I choose one document, and I get a dialogue box saying "Dokumentet kunde inte öppnas. Det är fel på filen" (i.e poorly translated from swedish: "The document couldn't open. There is something wrong with the file ")

In the nearby future we will shift to v9.

When I started QV-ing I downloaded a 15 day's trial version last winter, and eventually I got myself a licence number. I just plonked the number in in my existing QV-version and it say's I am a developer. So far so good. I can work with stuff other developer's have made, and I can send my qv-files to our other developer.

Any ideas where to start?