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problem with call users


I changed netbios name in my QLikview server,this way I did the ajusts in qlikview e some config files.

All services are up

But I can not to access with http:

Access denied! The server (QVS) has no USER CAL for your account. Please contact your system administrator

Like we can see in my attachment (imagem1)

Im my Assigned Calls, list old netbios name, then I tried delete one call (imagem2) but not sucess.

What I need to do to solved it

"I tried delete call,to add another with new netbios name,but not sucess.

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Re: problem with call users

Can you please explain more about your issue

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Re: problem with call users

Hi Marcos,

If you've changed the servers actual name (i think you have) then you may indeed have problems as this is stored in many parts of QV config.

You should take a backup before making changes, then need to double check every setting in the QMC for any reference to the old server name.

Might also have to scan all the QV server's files for the same reference and change it.

You also posted some screenshots of the named CAL allocations, you might have been stuck in the quarantine period if trying to delete them to soon.