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problem with license "off duty"

had a machine with QlikView, then had problems and  to install a completely new machine and erase old machine .  when I put the license tells me "off duty"


Cluster Join Denied by srvlraarq01.incentea.local. This could be because of mismatching version or document root

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Re: problem with license "off duty"

I am currently using QV10 SR4.

1)  Within the QEMC, go to "System", then "Setup". 

2)  Click on the node under QlikView Servers.

3)  Make sure that the Root Folder is pointing to the correct path.

I had an issue where our server defaulted back to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\Documents.  This caused my Named User CALs to get messed up, because the PGO files were located in a different directory.

Once you set the correct path, the QEMC will restart the QlikView Server service on the server and you should be back in business.



Re: problem with license "off duty"

Hi Emanuel,

The most likely reason when this message appears is that you are running two servers in the same network with the same license, and that this license does not allow clustering. Think for example in a hardware update, where you have the old computer and the new one both with QlikView Server services running.

Usually the issue is fixed when you stop the QlikView Services in the Windows Services Console in the old computer. As soon as QlikView sees that is running the only license valid, it goes back to normal.

Hope that helps.



Re: problem with license "off duty"

Hi Miguel,

I got the same problem - but my license should apply for two servers? (NUMBER_OF_CLUSTER_NODES;2;Smiley Wink. It worked fine before my last update - but now the one of the servers is off duty?


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Re: problem with license "off duty"


Uses QVSdetector to find another server on the network or other license that can be active.

Hope that helps

Emanuel Pereira


Re: problem with license "off duty"

If you are running two servers are they setup for clustering? The need to share a network share to share the PGO files.


Re: problem with license "off duty"

I had the problem when some user-rights was changed for the user running the services. This is what I did:

  • Get the user right on the services
  • Start the services under the new user-credentials
  • Install (repair) the QlikView Server again
  • Restart all the services

and that worked .......

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