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Contributor II
Contributor II

qlikview iPad app - error downloading document list


Using the qlikview iPad app over a vpn tunnel, it is not possible to acces documents on the qlikview server - even using access point over safari doesn't show any documents.

Error message: error downloading document list

Here is the configuration:

QlikView Server: 12.10.20600.0

IOS: 11.2.5

QlikView App: 2.4.3

QlikView WEB-Server (NO IIS!!)

VPN: VPN-Client „Fortinet:"

QlikView Management Conslte -> System/Setup/Authentication QlikView Server:

Authentication: Always

Type: Ntlm

Login Adress: Alternate login page

Using the qlikview app or access point with safari where the ipad is connected to the LAN without vpn -> works fine!

I found some discussions on this topic in the community - but no solution.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.



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