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qlikview table columns order

Hi, A question on qlikview table columns order.

I have a table consist of 4 dimensions and 7 expressions (5 expressions is hiden if unselected).   Lets me be specific.

The 4 dimensions are D1,D2,D3,D4.

7 expressions are E1,E2...,E7.

E1,E2,E3,E4,E5 can be hiden if the user unselected. The user want the table column order like this.



If the user selected E1,E2,E3, the user want the table like this.



But the table will be like below in qllikview



Anyone have idea to fix this.

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Re: qlikview table columns order


I tried to reproduce this, and yes whatever you are seeing right now is what i got.

The whole thing is to fix the positions of E6 and E7.

are these complex expressions? can they be moved to dimensions section?    

Re: qlikview table columns order


It is very difficult to set order but you can try the selection order by using =GetFieldSelections function and manage your column order.

Hope this helps

Thanks & Regards