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"Server communication lost" when opening document when using VPN

Hi guys,

I am pretty new to Qlikview so please bear with me.

We have a Qlikview server (11.0.11282.0) which people generally access within the network through Internet Explorer (through AccessPoint?). In these cases we have no problems and everyone can access and use the Qlikview documents.

On occasions people will access the Qlikview documents outside the network when they work from home. People within the business are issued laptops with a VPN which allows them to access the network through any internet connection. When this happens, the documents work intermittently. Sometimes the "server communication lost, losing document" is issued. On other occasions the document appears to open but some of the interactively doesn’t work. For example, having an action which opens up another document on another sheet on the document but when you click it, it does nothing.


Has anyone seen this type of behaviour before and can advise on any server / document settings that may need to be changed?


Thanks a lot!



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Re: "Server communication lost" when opening document when using VPN

Hello @AlexMcQueen,

As you described the issue as intermittent, we can rule out port issues. What actions are the remote users performing when the "Server communication lost, closing document" message is returned? Are the users idle or actively working within an app? When this occurs, does refreshing the page allow the users to resume working?

Suggest that you review the QlikView Server Events & Sessions logs and note username and any associated errors. Also review the QlikView Web Server logs for potential errors.

Please note that QVS version 11.0.11282.0 is over seven years old at this point and is no longer supported. I highly suggest you begin researching and planning to upgrade this environment as soon as possible, so that you can engage with Qlik Support if necessary.

Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support

Re: "Server communication lost" when opening document when using VPN

Alex, the most likely culprit lies in the VPN client doing something with our connection, I am just not quite sure which thing it might be.  The IE Plugin client uses either a direct TCP port connection over 4747, or it uses a .dll to tunnel the connection over port 80 or 443 if the TCP port is blocked.  If you are using our QlikView Web Server, the tunneling is automatic, if you use IIS and the Settings service, then there is some additional configuration required in IIS.  

So, that all said, the one thing you could give a shot that might help is change a setting in the QVS settings in QMC on the General tab, the Link Machine, see the following QMC Help link about it:


The only thing I do not recall for sure is whether the (FromRequest) is supported in 11.00 track or not...  

That could be the other issue here as well, if you are running on newer server with latest .Net Framework etc., that might be causing some issues with things too, so to Chip's point, upgrading would be a wise step if you can.  If you are still stuck, if you can provide a bit more info, might be able to come up with some other ideas, but I would bet the issue is in the VPN client and how it is maintaining the connection between the client and the server, we require a 'stateful' connection, anything that messes with that will result in the lost connection/reconnection etc.


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