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reload task failed


i've just installed qvs small business edition and qvpublisher standard both 8.5 on a customer.

The environment is win2003 srv sp2 english update yesterday and iis6.0

The server is in a domain.

The installation as been done with the account of the local administrator

From my model i need to read data that are located on another server in the domain via Odbc driver.

The qv services are executed with the "local system" account , and from this account i can't access the other server.

So i try to log in to the qv server with another account (that can access to the other server and is in the domain admin group, and also in the local admin group) but in this way when i try to connect to the bublisher console i must the local adminstrato account to log in and the reload job still doesn't work.

So , is it possible to change the user that run the qvs services , in this way i can specify a user that has the grant on the data server bu also on my local server

or i forgot to do something else ?

Thank you

Luca Colombo

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reload task failed


"The qv services are executed with the "local system" account"

I believe this is your problem.
In services, change the account (Properties-Log On) for the QlikView Publisher Execution Service (the account that you refer to as "another account").

If this doesn't work, check the Publisher log files:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\Publisher\ExecutionService\Log



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reload task failed


As far as I know, generally user specified in Publisher is changed to be able to reload data with the correct rights on the domain. By doing this, don't forget to add the account you'll use in your section access with full rights.

Else your app should be empty.


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