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scientific notation

Hi all,

Hope that all are well.

Things have been going well.

I have run into one problem.

I am performing a computation as part of my load that is resulting in scientific notation i.e. 2.81109796934533e-008.

I am trying to convert this to a truncated numeric expression i.e. 2.811.

I have tried a number of things using the Num function:

- (Num(PT/AVL)/(DYSX * 365)),'(dec)')

- (Num(PT/AVL)/(DYSX * 365)),'##.##')

and no change.

Please help.



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Re: scientific notation

May be like this:

Num#(Left((PT/AVL)/(DYSX * 365), 5)) as FieldName

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Re: scientific notation

Num(PT/AVL)/(DYSX * 365),'#,##0.00')

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Re: scientific notation

It worked and thank you for the quick response


Re: scientific notation

Do you have always the same exponent?

Or how do you use this truncated number then?

If you have always the same exponent, you can also multiply to get your number in a certain range:

Num( (PT/AVL)/(DYSX * 365)*1E8,'#.000')

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