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server shutting down


what do I  need to check when the server is shutting down?

in fact after some analysis I discovered that it coincides the falling of tasks

for exemple the session logs cite this error

2013-09-11 14h20 Server Shutting down

And the error from another log

11/09/2013  14h18:18 Error The Source Document was NOT reloaded successfully. DocumentPath=D:\QLIKVIEW\DOCUMENTS\Application\Application.qvw.

11/09/2013  14h18:18 Error Reload Failed

11/09/2013  14h18:18 Error Reload failed. Distribution skipped.

11/09/2013 Error The task "Documents/Application/Application" failed. ErrorCount=3

Thanks in advance

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Re: server shutting down

you need to check if the service is started.

if a service has stopped try to start it again, I believe so again have access.

Qlikview Directory Service Connector

QlikView Distribution Service

Qlikview Management Service

Qlikview Server


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Re: server shutting down


Thank you for your reply, actually whenever this happens , we restart the services, but it happens a lot so we need to correct the issue.

Re: server shutting down

What does the Events log say? (maybe put QVS logging in High Verbosity mode - see QMC)

Are you sure there isn't any other process on the QVS machine that kills the QlikView Server service? It surely looks like an outside event...

Is the Reload failure fixable? Maybe you can fix that one first and see if stability improves...


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Re: server shutting down

the event logs  say the document failed to load because of no access and the session logs says  server shutting down