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synchronize development and live QV server


I'm working on a project using QlikView 11.2 SR5

QlikView server is isntalled on 2 server machines (development and Live)

as a developer I work on the development server but I'm not allowed to make changes to the live server

now there is an Administrator who has the privilege to make changes

ok I have changes made on several tasks (rename, update dependencies and change schedule)

How can I send something to the administrator so that he applies these changes smoothly on the live server

Please asdvise

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Re: synchronize development and live QV server

Document the changes to the tasks in detail, and send this info to the Administrator. Make that procedure part of the policy that is to be followed whenever a new version of a QV document is to be pushed to production (part of the packaging of a new document release)

As far as I know, there is no method to extract task modifications from one server and send them to another for import without an external sync tool.


Re: synchronize development and live QV server

Hi Ali,

You can use remote management service in the QMC to do this.


Re: synchronize development and live QV server

I never got that to work, so I gave up on it.

Maybe I should try again with the latest release?

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Re: synchronize development and live QV server


I understand that the remote management service in QMC can only import publish tasks. I use a lot of supporting database tasks. I see they are stored in xml files but a lot of GUIDs are in the xml files so I doubt they can be copied from one server environment to another. How can you package the supporting tasks?