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task - Stopping all jobs

I have publisher and I use it to reload my jobs and tasks. My SQL machine reboots at midnight on fridays and all the jobs that are supposed to run during this two hour timeframe fail. Them failing doesnt cause problems because they will be rerun on sat night and this is sufficient for our needs. the problem I have is that I get about 30 emails every friday night because the jobs blow up. Is there a way I can set up a job to disable all the reload tasks during this timeframe. Looking for the best way to resolve not receiving these emails due to a SQ L reboot.


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task - Stopping all jobs

If you want to stop all reloads during this time, the easiest way is to stop the Publisher Execution service. You can do that with a scheduled Windows command.

If you only want to stop specific jobs, how about scheduling them to run every day except Friday?


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