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upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8


I would like to upgrade my current Qlikview server build 11.20.12451.0 to sr8. Is there any step by step guide on how to to do the service release upgrade?


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Re: upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8

open server reference manual and read:

3.2    Upgrade  Procedure

For  a  successful  upgrade  of  QlikView  Server,  take  the  following   basic  practices  into   account:

Back  up  the  current  QlikView  data  directory,  which  includes  most  of  the  log   and  some  of  the configuration  files  as  well  as  the  document  folders.  The  files  are  typically   located   in   the  following location:

Windows  7  and  later,  Windows  Server  2008  and  later:  %ProgramData%\QlikTech

Windows  XP,  Windows  Server  2003:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech

  l  Perform  the  upgrade  during  a  scheduled  downtime  –  QlikView  Server  must  be  stopped  for   the upgrade  to   be  successful.

  l  Licensing  information   and  settings  are  saved  by  default  when  QlikView  Server  is  removed.  They  are applied  to   any  subsequent  installation   of  QlikView  Server  on  the  system.

To  install  QlikView  Server,  proceed  as  follows:

  1.  Verify  that  backup  media  exists  for   the  current  release  of  QlikView  Server  and  back  up  all  current files  associated  with  QlikView  Server  (HTML  pages,  QlikView  documents,  licensing   file,  QlikView Server  .shared  files,  and  so  on).

  2.  When  running   QlikView  Server  version  8,  use  the  Users  tab   in   QMC  to   determine  if   there  are  any active  users  linked   to   QlikView  Server.  It  may  be  a  good  idea  to   send  out  a  broadcast  message  to notify  the  users  that  the  service  will  be  stopped.

  3.  Uninstall  QlikView  Server  from  Start  Menu>Control  Panel.

  4.  Install  QlikView  11  Server.


U can sumply update QV Server just run new version setup file. Still, it is essential to back up the server settings and directory applications

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Re: upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8

You don´t state from what version you are updrading from, but these 2 guides should help

Re: upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8

And Check this too




Re: upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8

Hmm, (see 2nd document) what exactly is QlikView 12 (Qlik Sense being a new product and all) and do you really mean to say that QV12 will not be backwards compatible? That would be a first...


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Re: upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8

Hi, thank you for this.

If I just run the new version setup file, does it detect that we have:

- C:\ProgramData\QlikTech (Data is on C-Drive on the server)

- D:\Program Files\QlikView (Binaries are on D-Drive on the server)

I do not like to make a completely new installation.

Thank you!


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Re: upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8

I'd be careful with that second document. It seems to be a Qlik document but it doesn't seem to be current. It's probably a legacy document related to what has become Qlik Sense.

Sense started life as QlikView 12, then was called Qlik.Next and then finally became Qlik Sense. All the references about capatability sound a lot like Sense to me.

QlikView 12 isn't meant to be out until middle of 2015. 

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Re: upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8


we have now successfully upgraded from sr3 to sr8. The installer detects binaries on d-drive, and upgrades them.

So no worry if binaries are not on c but on d.


Re: upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8

Thanks for the info.

Good to know.



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Re: upgrading qlikview server 11.2 to sr8

Good morning Mr Shah,

I am facing the necessity to update Server 10.0.x to 10.20 SR10. (Direct motivation is to fix the bug in pivot table.)

  • Last time you updated, did you uninstalled old version and re-installed the newer release, or just running exe file?
  • Do I need to perform any WIndows-side tasks?

I would appreciate for your feedback in advance.

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