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user prefs 'grayed-out' in IE plugin menu


does anyone know why the 'user preferences' option would be grayed-out in the IE plugin menu?  only on certain PCs.  the app opens fine in the plugin, just the 'user preferences' option is not available.  server v11 SR2,



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Re: user prefs 'grayed-out' in IE plugin menu

Hi Tammy,

Have the users that it usually works for tried logging on to a PC where the issue is and see if it persists? We need to determine if this comes down to the user or the machine.

Make sure the IE plugin version is identical with the server version. A screenshot would also be helpful.



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Re: user prefs 'grayed-out' in IE plugin menu

Hi Tammy,

Can you verify if it´s certain computers or certain users that has this issue?

And if user, ask them to logon to a computer where you know it works.

If computer, verify that the same version is being used, and if not upgrade.

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