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using report link in iframe of a website

Hello All,

I have linked an iframe of a website to a direct link of QV report inside Access point. I did this by opening a report in Access point and pasted the same link inside my website so that users can directly access the report. However, when users click on the link, they are asked for user and password and then are taken to the report.

How can we make the report to use the same user credentials that are in website and not ask user for login and password



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Re: using report link in iframe of a website


I would say that this scenario is candidate for single sing-on configuration.Please take a look to the pdf document from this post: http://community.qlik.com/message/176267#176267.


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Re: using report link in iframe of a website

Hello Krunoslav,

We have implemented single sign on in QV 11, and have followed the instruction given in QV10 Access Point SSO. AS we are trying IIS with QV11, so instead of using accesspointsettings.aspx , We have used http://station95:4750/QVWS/Service  as a web service (We want to use IIS instead of QV web server). According to my understanding,  Qlikview Settings Services is handling the web service if are using IIS. I have also tested Feddler to check if the http header request is successful, and everything seems perfect

However, now when I directly login to access point using http://localhost/qlikview/index.htm , it does not accept the username and password. I have tried to use the the ssosample given in the manual on Qlikview community but it again asks me for username and password and does not let me in. I wanted to see if the login page in ssosample will send the correct header and if accesspoint will let me in.  It works with the user and password when I switch the authentication back to ntlm

When I use http://localhost/qlikview/index.htm in Feddler , it logs in with the user that I have put in the filter to send as a header, but when I put ip address instead of localhost, it again starts asking for username and password. We need some information about the http header and the way it handles request. We need to know if we are making any mistake here

Your help will be greatly apprecaited here