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what are the settings need to be done at Qv server if we want to deploy the Direct Discovery app...?

Hi All,

Developed the small Qlikview app with Direct Discovery concept and added Basic Section access (Both Users and ADMIN can access to all data, No data Reductions and Some other rights to ADMIN over User) and share the app for deployment.

1. is this custom authentication is going to work at server level without any settings in the server ?

2. 'Direct Discovery Technical Addendum_11.2_SR11_and_Sense' - Page 25  they have given some settings to server to make it work properly.

they also given that Direct Discovery app going to effect the server - can anyone give more specific info about what kind of effect it is ??

and how to avoid it ??  I don't have server setup with me..Please guide me on this

attaching the above Document...