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A file checker utility for file based data sources

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A file checker utility for file based data sources

Hi All,

During development few cases you may find your data source as bunch of excel files. Sometimes you may find those spreadsheets either in bad format or missing required fields. Sometimes it is difficult to trace all those files where you have missing fields, if the number of data source files are huge. It is also very difficult to identify the missing fields from the log as the "Field not found error" just indicates the first missing Field not all the missing fields in a specific file.

I've attached a document here that has a use case of how a program can be created to handle the missing fields in a file.

The document provides a sample code which can be use to create a table that can hold the File name, File Reload time and the list of Missing  fields in that file.

I hope many of you may find this document useful.

Thanks and Regards,


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Our problem here is similar, but still different:

=> We have a lot of Excel files which are in correct format, but since they are not properly documented, people regularly make changes to some of those files, resulting in QlikView breaking off at the LOAD of that file.

=> What we'd need would rather be a tool to automatically inform the admins when - and at what command - a QlikView_reload_script broke off so that these issues can be treated more rapidly.

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