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A picture is worth a thousand words

Valued Contributor

A picture is worth a thousand words

I have been a member of this forum for nearly 18 months now.  I get a tremendous amount of value reading and learning from the challenges of some and the wisdom of others.  I will have to say, I get the greatest benefit when posts and discussions use screen shots.

Sometimes it is hard to articulate the problem you are having with words, but simply using a couple screen shots can give the experts on this forum all they need to help you solve your problem.  On the other hand, I have also discovered that when I use screen shots to help others, pretty often my answers are marked as helpful or correct.

The easiest tool to use is likely already on your computer.

snipping tool.PNG

I have the Snipping Tool pinned to my task bar for easy access and use it many times per day.  Simply click on the tool, lasso what you would like to capture and it drops your selection into its editor. You can then highlight or free hand use a pen to draw attention to areas.  Save your file as a .png or copy and paste it right to an e-mail or Office program.

snipping tool 2.PNG

To get your picture into a discussion, you have to click on the camera in the discussion header and browse to the folder that contains your image

snipping tool 3.PNG

Once you have the image in your post, you can resize using normal picture formatting

So, the next time you are creating a new discussion or sharing some of your wisdom, try including a couple screen shots.  Because, a picture is worth a thousand words...

Contributor III

The snipping tool is great - I use it all the time, especially for creating documentation.

Thanks for the hint here - most of us find visuals helpful when understanding the issues that other people are having in QV.

Valued Contributor

Thanks for this post.

I can add for Mac users that they also have similar possibility.

Just press Command+Shift+4 and select the area. It will be saved to your desktop.



Valued Contributor III

Thanks, it's useful.

If you are talking about to capture screenshot only for QVW Document then we can do it by a small Macro as well.

Here is the code,


Sub Capture_Sheet_Screenshot()


End Sub

Please note, we have "Export Image" option in Table Viewer (Ctrl + T).

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed

This is awesome. I always wanted to tell this to the people who ask question, but did not take an effort to create a document. I am going to use this very often



Esteemed Contributor III

Am using  Same Tool ...

Valued Contributor

I can also add that you can do a full screen screenshot on PC by pressing PrtScn button on your keyboard

or Alt+PrtScn to get just an active window.

The image will be copied into your Clipboard. Press Ctrl+V where you need it (email, word document, ms paint etc)

So you even don't need to run a snipping tool

To be honest I'd been using it since 1999 . There was no Snipping tool at that moment



Valued Contributor

Hi Sergey,

Thanks for replying.  I do agree that you can just do a screen print, but then most of the time you want to crop it down.  I have two monitors, so my screen prints give me way more than I need or want to show.  The snipping tool also lets you add free hand pen for marking your doc.   If you have to edit your screen print in another tool such as paint, you might as well just use the snipping tool or something similar to it anyway.

I do appreciate your perspective and assistance to members of the community.  Especially your Mac comment.


Valued Contributor

Hi MIke,

I do absolutely agree with you.

I've added my comment just to give a complete picture of possibilities, because I wouldn't use Snipping tool for Window or Full Screen picture as other users would think about a first screen in your post.



P.S. Thanks for your post. Hopefully we will have more questions with screenshots . I would put it somewhere on top of all questions as "How to ask questions here"

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