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ABC Analysis to set and remember classification at runtime


ABC Analysis to set and remember classification at runtime

This is a very user-convenient and performant way to make A/B/C analyses with QlikView, since the classification of the A's, B's, and C's is stored at the moment when the user wants and remain valid until the next time the user hits a button. In other words, the classification is made relative to a current selection but the A-, B-, C-assignments but also remain "sticky" to the dimension. The "ABC-Class" appears to the user like an ordinary dimension, which is presented in a list box, used for coloring, counting etc.

>> check out Video1 (For Users) to see this in action


I have seen two other approaches of ABC analysis, which do not help a user very much:

  • A fixed classification done during script execution ....
  • A relative classification which keeps re-calulating permanently ...

Both are not optimal. The first one will not react to a more narrow selection made by the user. The A/B/C are static (which may make sense from a generic point of view but not for the business user). The latter approach does not remember the classification and cannot adopt the GUI according to it. Once the user selects the A, the frontend shows "new A's", namely the A's of the A's, which makes no sense.


This is solved with the help of three alternate states and Pareto-Select action. The states remember the A, AB, and ABC selection from now on, even when all other selections in the main state change. Therefore, the classification is "stored" until the next recalculation of ABC.

>> check out SWF-video 2 for the techies

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Please explain why the actions of the state copy?

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