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Applying Password to our .QVW file

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Applying Password to our .QVW file


I would like to discuss about applying password to our .QVW file created by us. It is helpful to make it secure according to business requirements.

First of all, we have to create hidden script.

      open editscript and click on file, then click on create hidden script


Now, it will ask for setting a password to hidden script. set the password as you like and easy to remember.


Now it will open a new sheet with a title as "hidden script". In that we have to set up predefined usernames and passwords over there.

        In the hidden script sheet we have to write some script regarding setting usernames and passwords.


After that reload the script and close the application.

now , reopen that .QVW file, it will ask for username and password.

        Now the QVW file is secured with username and password.

          Again, if u want to edit the hidden script, you have to go to edit script and click on file and find an option "edit hidden script" and you can also change the hidden script password over there

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What do you mean by QVM file?

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Hi Dinesh,

Actually it is QVW file. I didn't recognise while I typed that. I made a correction . Now it is fine.

QVW file means qlikview worksheet file. It is an extension file of qlikview

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Guna,

Just a quick check, will this work on QVF file also in qliksense?

Thanks for the above document though.



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No, you can currently not add a password to Qlik Sense.

That was the big change they made between QlikView and Qlik Sense:

With the free version of QlikView you can add local security, but you can not open apps of others. With Qlik Sense you can open every app but not add security.

If you want to have security on Qlik Sense, you will have to buy the licensed version.

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