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Beginners Tasks Series - Task2

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Beginners Tasks Series - Task2

What is Bundle Load...

All Beginners,

Many a times we play with images in Qlikview, using them in backgrounds of a sheet, text box and even on buttons etc.

Some times we may need them dynamically for eg:


We have a list of student details with us like his HallticketNo, Group, All semester marks.

You may be thinking what a image does, going through a requirement, if I select a HallTicketNo along with the details of the candidate I wanna see his Image on a text box.

Is that Possible !...

Of course it is possible using qmem and bundle load.

Attached Scenario:

I have another scenario here , hope after looking at this, you(beginners) will try the first one.

I have a list of Audi cars and their images too( I love Audi...).

In the attached qvw I loaded audi images into a text box and into a pivot table using info() and qmem.

Also observe the data model once.

Note: After downloading the qvw file if you couldn't see the images please change the path in the file "Images info.xls" according to your folder or even make it relative path.

Hope it help you guys.

Will see you soon with more stuff coming from my end.

Happy Qliking.


Kiran Kumar

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