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Benford's law

Benford's law

Hi Qlikers,

This document demonstrates the Benford's law.

To know more about Benford's law, please visit the below link

Benford's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Benford’s law can often be used as an indicator of fraudulent data, and can assist with auditing accounting data

Benford's law represents the distribution of 1st Digit of your data set. For eg. sales figure $ 11292 can be represented as 1.

In above chart, we can identify that distribution of the digit 1 of actual data is higher than the Benford's law distribution for the digit 1. That means we need to investigate the transactions of the sales figures starting from digit 1.

Please find the attached sample data with QVW file

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‌looove benford's law

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Thank you for the interesting information.

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Dear @rbecher Sir

I am new user to Qlik. I want to apply benford law for my analysis. I have sent request for group content access. will you please approve it so that I can see your benford law example



How do I open this file? When I try it brings be to a blank sheet


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