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Box Plot Chart with custom pop up.

For background please refer this link:

Creating a Candle light Chart or Box Plot Chart with custom Pop up of Plot values

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Hi Avinash,

Thanks. following your example only I did create box plot. dimesion used is with 5 values in Valuelist .when I am doing single valuelist value box plot is working fine. but when I am joining 5 values in Valuelist graph showing only for first valuelist value.

I have tried checking pit falls from the blog posts. not finding solution to show all box plots in one chart

can you help with this please.

Hi Amelia

Since your using valuelist it will create a custom dimension and hence the it might be causing the issue.

Currently I don't have my QV license ...otherwise I would have tried your scenario....try like this instead of using the valuelist create a inline table and try to use the same in the charts ...that might help you

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Good job! Avinash

Thanks bro

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Hi Avinash,

Thanks. Can you please let me know do I need to use Valuelist values in inline table?

Use inline table

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I am confusing which values do I need to use in inline?

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