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Client Side Error Logging: QlikView IE-Plugin


Client Side Error Logging: QlikView IE-Plugin

Source: Client Side Error Logging: QlikView IE-Plugin

I'm sure most of you, if not everyone are aware about the QlikView server logging. There are variety of logs available to manage and debug QlikView Server and Publisher. As a QlikView developer, you use the QVW logs to debug the script errors. Recently I had been dealing with the IE-Plugin stability and performance issues. However, it was difficult as users were located in different geographical locations with different time zone, making it more challenging. And it's hard to screen share every time they counter this issue with IE-Plugin. So, I thought if there is some kind of logging on client side which will help me to identify the potential cause. I had approached Qlik and to my surprise there is logging for IE-Plugin but it's obscure that it's hard to figure out on our own.

Here's how you can enable logging:

Step 1: Launch any app from IE-Plugin client and select "Menu" as shown in the picture.

Client Side Error Logging - QlikView IE Plugin 01

Step 2: Select "About QlikView" option from the menu. I know it's strange place to have this setting!

Client Side Error Logging - QlikView IE Plugin 02

Step 3: Now you should see old QlikView logo. And you need to right click on this logo/icon. Yes, you read it right, it is RIGHT click. If you left click on this icon, you will be on Qlik website.

Client Side Error Logging - QlikView IE Plugin 03

Step 4: Now you should see the "settings" listbox along with ton of options with some boolean values. Scroll down until you see "ExtendedErrorLoggingMode" option.

Client Side Error Logging - QlikView IE Plugin 04

Step 5: Select "ExtendedErrorLoggingMode" and enable this setting by changing the value from 0 to 1. And don't forget to click on the "Set" button to apply this change.

Client Side Error Logging - QlikView IE Plugin 05

Step 6: Once "ExtendedErrorLoggingMode" is enabled. Close the IE Plugin session and restart a new IE-Plugin session. Now you will see "QlikViewError.Log" file under your "My Documents" folder on your local machine. This contains all the logs related to your IE-Plugin session.

Client Side Error Logging - QlikView IE Plugin 06

This file will contain message type like "Error", "Info" and "Warning". Also, you will have complete description or the error message based on the error type category. Hopefully, this should give you some direction for troubleshooting the IE Plugin issues (if any). Don't forget to disable the logging by setting the value to "0" once you are done with it. If you don't disable, this file will continue to store all the sessions.




Valued Contributor

Thanks for sharing dvqlikview‌‌.

I have had problems in the past with the IE plugin, hopefully this tip will help next time with debugging the problem.





Thanks for sharing details. It helps lot when we face any issues at client. Please collate all the information into single document which is not available in reference manual.

I think all these settings not mention explicity anywhere

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