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Components of qlikview and their purpose in each phase of project.

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Components of qlikview and their purpose in each phase of project.

Most of the people may know about this already. But I would like to share this content with you. I see most of the new to qlikview developers face these questions what does each component can do in qlikview.

The three major components of qlikview are below. Here are we will discuss about their role and how they fit into typical qlikview architecture.

Qikview Desktop

Qlkview Server  (QVS)

Qlikview publisher (QVP)

Development tool to create

QVS is a combination of server products and qliview webserver. Contains management console and access point ( the main browser base ,user portal for accessing qlikview applications)

It is another server side product works in close conjunction with QVS to perform two main functions.

--Loading data directly from data sources using QVW files.

--Access Distribution services to both reduce the data within qlikview applications and distribute the reduced data and documents.

  1. Data extract & transformation model

It contains In memory Analytics engine

  1. Graphical User Interface

Handles qlikview client/server communication

  1. Windows desktop or server based

Provides Client authorization against directory providers ( AD, edirectory)

Creates QVW file, Extracts data and stores it into QVDs

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