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Controlling Colours in Charts


Controlling Colours in Charts

Controlling Colours in Charts - YouTube

There are four major places to control colour in QlikView charts properties.  They are found in the following locations in the chart properties dialog:

Colors (all chart types except Pivot, Straight and Gauge)

Visual Cues (Pivot and Straight tables only

Dimensions (effective on Pivot and Straight tables only but available on all chart types)

Expressions (all chart types except gauge)

Colors Tab:

  • Global color control
  • Makes all elements within a dimension the same colour
  • Expressions executed on all the data selected to determine the colour.

Visual Cues Tab:

  • Change text and background colours (and formatting) based on value returned in selection
  • Simple greater than / less than logic against an expression or fixed value
  • Straight tables and Pivot tables only


  • Use to change the colour and formatting on dimension members
  • Effective on only Pivot and Straight tables but can be set on any chart type


  • Used on any chart type
  • Will change the colour of the data (i.e. the resulting number or the visualization).
  • The colour expression is executed for each result of the data set.
  • This is where to control different colours for different values in the same chart.

Here is the link to video on Reusing Expressions referenced in the video above.

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it cleared my doubts regarding charts

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I cannot see that webpage - I guess it's blocked.

However, my opinion on this is: Four different places is way too much!

=> For the sake of simplicity and ease of understanding (for others) (which is one of my principles of developing), I have set an internal standard here to ONLY use the expression_properties to control colours.

=> In addition to that, there is a standard_colour_palette (as variables in a qvs file) which is to be used, again to ensure uniformity between apps.

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I'm in the same position as DataNibbler, both in inability to see the video and strict use of standard colour variables and only using one place to set colours. I also agree that it's a bit of a nightmare tracking down changes as well as a mad clickfest to actually apply changes.


DataNibbler and James Summerson thank you for your comments. I would agree that at times QlikView gives us too much choice and we must implement business practices for standardization.  I would rather have the flexibility which results in more options than be force down a specific path.

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Very helpful idea clearly explained. Thanks a lot

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Thanks for this article. I have a question, i have created a Block chart, which have 4 categories of block and i manually provided the colors to each category. Now i want to sort it by colors. Could you please help?


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hello if i don't want to be depended by the range but by the value how it's done? for example, i have channels and i select as many as I want from a multibox and i want to display the same color for each channel each time they appear, the dimensions are date and channel Dynamic coloring for unknown number of bars

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