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Controlling symbol shape


Controlling symbol shape

Its a shame that symbol type in scatter charts cannot be controlled as a dimension. e.g. Industry: Medical = +, Cosmetic = X, Consultancy = O etc. Products like Tableau and Spotfire can do this which can be a hurdle when promoting Qlikview at a client, especially with the growth of interest in predictive analytics and cluster analysis.

Nearest I can get to it is setting up multiples of the same scatter chart overlaying each other with the expressions having a set analysis to the industry

e.g. sum({<Industry={'Medical'}> Sales

then setting the symbol on the style page.

The base layer is not transparent but all other layers above are 100% (Color Tab).

A conditional show needs adding to each chart (so you dont get the "no data to display" chart) perhaps with a blank white text box of the same size right at the bottom.

Finally you need a transparent chart right at the top with no constraints on the expression but set the background colour on the expression to argb(0,0,0,0) i.e. transparent. This ensure you can select any of the shapes.

Example attached

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