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Customising Chart Pop Up Information

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Customising Chart Pop Up Information


Here is an example on how you can add more information to the pop up message box that appears when you hover over a chart.

I've include a detailed explanation in my blog Pop Ups To Be Proud Of | qlikcentral.


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we can also create such pop ups with using a special expression rather we can use dual() with all the display things  as strings and numeric value as the second argument.


Num(Sum(Spend), '$#,##0.00;$#,##0')&


Spend % = '&

Num(Sum(Spend)/Sum(Total Spend), '#,##0.00%')


Num(Sum(Spend), '$#,##0.00;$#,##0')


This is one such example where I am using in our project , where the bars takes the second argument value for rendering bars and first argument for pop ups.


Kiran Kumar

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Thanks Kiran,

Another great way of improving pop up information!


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How did you get the barchart to start at the Low value and finish at the High Value, instead of just displaying the difference.

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Hi Andrew,

If you go to the expression and expand it (by clicking on the + Icon) there are a number of additional properties you can set. One is the Offset typically used when creating waterfall charts. Here I have increased the starting point by the Min value which creates this effect.



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Here's another example of mine working with Offset

Waterfall Chart Offest Using Dimensions


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This has worked for me except there were a couple of things that were not obvious and were different in my chart. I have mine working but maybe I missed something:

1: I have a Line chart with 4 lines. The chart type must be changed to Combo Chart for this to work.

2: The additional expression for the pop-up text showed up in the legend. In your QVW it doesn't.  How did you get it to not display it? I had to check Bar and Invisible for it to display in the pop-up and not in the legend.

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Hi Richard,

This is some great information you got!

I am look to change the outlook as the current pop-up label look too dull.

Do you know if we can customise the background and colors of the pop-up labels to look like the chart below?

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.34.42 pm.png



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How do we create a pop up in qlik sense

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