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Date Picker

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Date Picker

A replacement for the QlikView standard date picker widget based on pickadate.js.


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Ideas for next version could be to add an option that enables/disables the selections of dates in the past (this is not possible right now - correct?)

The actual date selection is also a bit on the big side.. Maybe make that configurable too?

Great work!

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Nice Idea.

I've tried to use it, but when I drop it on the Web View in QlikView 11.2 SR5 I get the

Webpage Error:

"Line 138

Error: Object doesn't support this property or method"

How to fix this?

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Hi Stephane,

I tested it with QlikView 11.2 SR3 and Internet Explorer 10. Do you use IE11?



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It seems (it is just a guess) QV 11.2 SR4 (maybe all 11.2?) uses jQuery and if the extension object includes jquery.js, then it gives that error.  Try to comment out jquery portion from Qv.LoadExtensionScripts function.

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Hi Fabian,

Really a very good post, but unforunetly even i am getting same error msg ....

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