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Date Selections - By Period & Range

Date Selections - By Period & Range

20/2/2014 - The QVW has been updated to set the min and max dates to match the date range in the data and to prevent selecting an end date prior to the start date, and some of the action buttons have been revised.

Here is a sample document showing two alternative ways to select date ranges.

     By Period - this allows selection of Year & Month

     By Date - this allows a start & end date to be entered and selects all dates between.

I hope this is useful.



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Interesting idea. I like the way you carry the field selections over when switching from period to date. I do see a few flaw in the interface.

1. I have to press the By Date button after making changes in the input box.

2. The selections from the input box don't survive a clear, which seems counter-intuitive to me. Maybe that's what you intended.

3. I can to enter a "too" data that is earlier than the "from" date, which give interesting results.

I worked with this requirement before and here's an example of what I usually use to satisfy the input box requirement:






Thanks for the feedback Rob.

1. The By Date button needed to be clicked again to apply the full set of actions to clear the Period values and just set the date ranges. This example was taken from part of a larger app which has other sheets just using period selections, so this action was the option that worked best in that environment.

2. The values in the input boxes are variables so are unaffected by a Clear All. The selections related to the variables are cleared though. One way around this would be to set the Clear button to also reset the variables, though this would not alter the functionality of the toolbar "Clear" action.

3. Agreed, I should trap this as an error. The results of the range with a 'to' date later than 'from' is not intuitive!



It's very interesting.

Valued Contributor

Thank you Colin. Works perfect in one of my apps.

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