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Document Extension to override green selection color

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Document Extension to override green selection color

A document extension to override the default green, gray and white selection colors in Qlikview AJAX client. See http://www.qlikfix.com/2012/05/18/any-colour-as-long-as-its-green/ for more information.

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we can change the blue?? how we do that?

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Hi Barry, excellent stuff.

I have one doubt, in list box type if LED is chosen, it is not working. But for Qlikview Classic of List box, selected back ground colour chagnes.

Any idea if the color  works for you in LED Type of List box ?

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Hi Barry,

I installed this extension but it's not work for me. can you please guide me what needs to be done to use this Extension Effectively

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Hi Barry et all,

Is it just me or the LED colour override doesn't work. There seems to be some sort of conflict because mine are coming out white.

Any ideas?



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The LED color did not work for me either, but the following snippet of CSS will work with QlikView 11.2 SR10 just fine:

/* Selected LED */

.QvSelected_Led_363636 {

  background-image: url("/QvAjaxZfc/QvsViewClient.aspx?datamode=binary&name=LED&slot=&public=only&state=1&color=%230099ff") !important;


/* Selected LED checkbox */

.QvSelected_LED_CHECK_363636 {

    background-image: url("/QvAjaxZfc/QvsViewClient.aspx?datamode=binary&name=LED&slot=&public=only&state=1&check=true&color=%230099ff") !important;


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Hi Wes,

I've updated the NoGreen.css with the code above but the LEDs aren't working yet.

There's also an issue with the Current Selections object and selection indicators on tables.

Can you post an updated .qar?



New Contributor

Thanks Barry for the extension.

With it; I changed my QlikView app. templates.

And I'll create a new version with Blue Light color for the selection. 

(In the server this new one will coexist with the NoGreen extension.)

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great extension! but LED doesn't work on v11. has anyone figured a reason ad a solution?



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Hi All,

I am also facing the same issue with LED chec-box.Is the issue persist on v11?

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Wow, people are actually using this? It was only a little fun 5 minute project for me, haven't really looked back at it since.

LEDs did work at the time, but perhaps their CSS class has changed during a later service release. Pretty swamped in work at the moment, but if I have a spare minute later I will have a look at it (and probably put it on branch as well).

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