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Dynamic Update - Using Actions

Dynamic Update - Using Actions

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thx for the document, very helpful. unfortunately we still have the same problem with security permissions when publishing the qvw on access point, where the user accessing the document must be in the qlikview administrator group to be able to perform dynamic update operations.

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I am blind or something, I cannot see where the code is for adding, deleting or updating records in that app - the buttons just set some variable_values as far as I can see. Can somebody help me there please?

P.S.: OK, I have found it - it's in the "Submit"-button.

The backdraw is only that once I reload the app, all the records I have added are gone.

But that can probably be amended by storing that table as a qvd?

Instead of reloading this document, you could try script Go Here

to extract the data from Qlikview file to QVD.

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Impressive! Celambarasan.

Never realized this was possible  in qlikview.

Great job!

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Celambarasan the document is brilliant but what would be helpful is to write how it all works. I can see the INSERT INTO (SQL like)  function be used in the submit button but still have lot of questions going on in my head which am sure if you attach a technical doc all my questions will be answered.

But that is brilliant

Many thanks

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this IS brillant, no doubt about it. There is, however, one mayor drawback to using it on a larger scale: This dynamic_update works from the GUI without reloading the script - but that works only as long as the data is all in memory which means that only one single person may work on it.

In a larger environment, when the table has to be saved to disk on a regular basis, the script needs to be reloaded which works only with Named_CALs, not with Document_CALs - but in principle it does work.

Best regards,


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Hi DataNibbler,

I completely agree with you. In an environment where the .qvw reload is very frequent what will happen to the UPDATE(s) you've done. I know the session recovery advantage is there but what will happen in the context of this particular dynamic update. There are several scenarios that we should put into consideration.

Once again this idea is awesome, I think as developers we should be aware of the pitfalls before implementing this logic and the environment it best suite.

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Thank you. Nice document.

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Muchas gracias, buen tip buscando una solucion encontre otra, saludos...

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