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ESRI Map (ArcGIS) integration within Qlikview

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ESRI Map (ArcGIS) integration within Qlikview

We had a need to integrate ESRI maps instead of Google maps in Qlikview. We found a Google map integration example, but nothing as far as ESRI is concerned. They both work slightly differently in terms of what we supply to get the correct map. I initially requested help from several sources; all of them came back empty. After a couple of months, I started decoding how the Google maps integration worked in detail and figured what was needed for ESRI. There were some complex calculations involved. I had to recollect some of my math skills and learn a bit more about what latitude and longitude actually is. In the end, the ESRI (ArcGIS) integration works within Qlikview perfectly. I also know some people in the QV community were looking for the same. I have created a simple doc that outlines the approach and all the variables needed (all the formulas) and expressions, chart configuration, step by step. Hope this saves some work for our friends in the community.

Prasad Malisetty.

Contributor III

Thanks for sharing this Prasad. Great document.

I do have one question: What's the advantage of using ESRI maps vs Google Maps? I hadn''t heard about ESRI before, so it would be good to know what additional capabilities would it bring to QV apps.

Thanks again!


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Thanks for sharing.  I was not able to get it to work.  I had used my data with Google Maps, and it works fine. I swap out the script and related references per your document, but the map didn't show up. 

Valued Contributor

Hello Prasad,

It is a great document, I have used it and it was very useful. Thanks for sharing !!

Kind regards,

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Hello everyone!

I would like to know which version of ArcGIS we need to integrate it with Qlikview?

thank you

Kind regards,

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Hi Prasad,

Very interested document

Do you have a working qvw we can look at ?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Prasad Malisetty

I tried to made an example with ur document but i don't know what is the fix, i believe that is in URL, can you check the QVW and helpme please.


I tried to open de the URL in a web browser and the result is error 404 http://server.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/rest/services/World_Street_Map/MapServer/export?BBOX=-10663871...

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Good Day,

Something odd about the parameters, I went to the service, and asked it to export an image and got this command line:


Which in a browser works, so try this replacement.

Web Mapping Services may be up or down, but this one is definitely up and responding.

BTW Esri may actually have a Qlikview extension object for sale, if buying is an option.  I cannot substantiate its existence but I have seen references on GIS boards.

Hope this helps!

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Your general map variables and setup looks good. Just go under Map Properties - Colors Tab and open the Dynamic Image formula box. You currently have the formula in 3 lines (with a return char at the end of each line). Just get the formula into one line and map will work.

However, you need to verify all your variables once more. I am not sure you are getting your data mapped correctly on the map. Hope this helps. Good luck.

I wanted to post an example QVW with this map. Just need to find some time.

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I also found that you did not setup the Y-Axis scale right (under the map Properties - Axes tab). Use the formulas specified in my doc and you should be good. Also, uncheck the "Forced 0" box for both X and Y Axis under the Axes tab.

Your map works well with these changes. I just verified.

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Whether you use Google or ESRI, it is a matter of choice and convenience. Both will work fine and generally should be good enough for QV mapping needs.

Sorry for the late response.

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