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ESRI Map (ArcGIS) integration within Qlikview

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ESRI Map (ArcGIS) integration within Qlikview


We had a need to integrate ESRI maps instead of Google maps in Qlikview. We found a Google map integration example, but nothing as far as ESRI is concerned. They both work slightly differently in terms of what we supply to get the correct map. I initially requested help from several sources; all of them came back empty. After a couple of months, I started decoding how the Google maps integration worked in detail and figured what was needed for ESRI. There were some complex calculations involved. I had to recollect some of my math skills and learn a bit more about what latitude and longitude actually is. In the end, the ESRI (ArcGIS) integration works within Qlikview perfectly. I also know some people in the QV community were looking for the same. I have created a simple doc that outlines the approach and all the variables needed (all the formulas) and expressions, chart configuration, step by step. Hope this saves some work for our friends in the community.

Prasad Malisetty.


Hi Sai Krishna,

I am wondering if you have answered your questions, namely whether it is possible to display a street address by scaling further / passing directly the street address.And whether you can hover over data points on the map to show the location address(for example, address).


Daniel Shaykhelislamov



Спасибо за совет использую Qlick View. Изначально у меня заработало не корректно. Карта была не в нужном месте.

ВАЖНО. Для просмотра в Qlick нужно правильно разделить десятичный "точка", переменная DecimalSep, т.е. нужно интерпретировать URL в нужный формат

было так: DecimalSep = ','

11-02-2020 11111.png

стало так: DecimalSep = '.'; // SET DecimalSep = ','

11-02-2020 22222.png

В моем случае мне нельзя изменить переменную DecimalSep, потому что я пошел другим путем.

Исходя из составляющих явлений vMapURL

Используя Функции форматирования и интерпретации числа:

num (число [, формат [, dec_sep [, thou_sep]]])

пример переменной:


было так = z_x_min_use * (pi () / 180) * z_constant

стало так = Num (z_x_min_use * (pi () / 180) * z_constant, '### 0', '.')

Все без проблем заработало. Результат меня удовлетворил полностью.

12-02-2020 33333.png

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