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Employing Windows Authentication

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Employing Windows Authentication

Originally published on 07-21-2011  11:53 AM.

Windows authentication may be used when connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server database.  When configuring the Database Connection artifact, simply select the Use windows authentication check box instead of supplying user name and password credentials.

Alternatively, you may use a Database  Connection that relies on an ODBC Data Source Name configured to use the Kerberos  authentication method.

To create the ODBC DSN, use the Start > All Programs > expressor > expressor3 > system tools > Data Sources (ODBC) menu item.  This will insure that the correct ODBC Administrator for your operating system is launched.  When specifying the driver, choose the expressor-3-mssql entry.  In the ODBC SQL Server Native Wire Protocol Driver Setup window, complete the entries on the General tab then open the Security tab.  In the Authentication grouping, choose 4 - Kerberos as the Authentication Method and click Apply and OK.

Then working in Expressor Studio, create a Database Connection.

  1. In the first wizard window, select the Create a connection for an existing DSN radio button, then click Next.
  2. In the second wizard window, highlight the entry corresponding to your ODBC DSN and click Next.  There is no need to enter Credentials as the ODBC DSN will employe Windows authentication.
  3. In the last wizard window, confirm the storage location for the connection artifact and enter a meaningful name.
  4. Click Finish to create the connection artifact

To test your Database Connection, open the connection by either double-clicking on the connection's entry in the Explorer panel or selecting the entry, right-clicking, and selecting Open from the popup menu.  In the DSN Connection > Edit tab of the ribbon bar, click the Test Connection button.  There is no need to enter Credentials as Windows authentication is being employed.

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