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Exporting Variables Simplified, No Macro Required :)

Contributor III

Exporting Variables Simplified, No Macro Required :)

Recently i came across a post written by @kamal_sanguri that grab my attention, so i thought of posting this document. Thanks Kamal.

We can export variables and expressions to a file in multiple ways, here i'm discussing 1 way

There is a hidden feature in Expression over view Window(Ctrl+Alt+E) which can list variables and expressions that were assigned to the variables. To export the variables and assigned expressions follow the below steps

1.Open expression Overview window

2.Select "Other Expressions"(Deselect the remaining options)

3.Click on "Columns.."

4.Select "Location(Full)"(Deselect the remaining options) then press OK

5.Click on "Export..." and enter the filename. It will create .tab file.

Data in the .tab file looks as follow

<Document>.<Variable=vTime> =Reloadtime()

First Column has Variable names and Second column has expression assigned to the variables.



* Withdrawn reference delineation.  Thank you all for your

Honored Contributor II

Which version are you talking about?
Cannot do for variables in 11.2 SR16.




it is not ideal, but definitely better than nothing.. I did not understand your II part - variables are not part of system fields!

so many hidden treasures out there

thanks mate!

Valued Contributor

Hi Hari,

Glad to hear that you read my postExport Variables.zip   . If you go through it minutely, you would see that I have mentioned that the easiest way is create a spreadsheet with variables and then bring those variables in different Qlikview documents.

However the problem I tried to discuss was, what if you want to retain the values of those variables as well. For example, the date variable which you have shown in your post contains Today() function to calculate the date. If you bring this variable in other qv document it will get the same Today() function and not the value, so eventually the same variable would have different values in different document.

Also I have used macro to make the export easy, otherwise you always have Qlikview's export to excel feature  

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