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Exporting a Deployment Package from Expressor Desktop

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Exporting a Deployment Package from Expressor Desktop

The general approach for moving a deployment package onto a computer hosting the QlikView Expressor Data Integration Engine (Expressor) is to create the deployment package in a project included in a repository workspace, check the package into the repository, and check out the package from the repository to the computer running Expressor.

In some situations it would be convenient to copy (not move) a deployment package from a project in either a standalone or repository workspace directly from Desktop to a different file system location or to a different computer.  Of course, you could simply copy the directory holding the deployment package, but this has two disadvantages: you need to drill down through the project hierarchy to find the correct directory to copy, and a directory copied from a repository workspace will include many files derived from the repository version control system.  Expressor Desktop 3.10 now provides a mechanism to easily copy a deployment package to another location.

When a deployment package is open in the editor, the Deployment Package - EDIT ribbon bar is enabled.  Click Publish Deployment in the Publish grouping which will open the Publish Deployment Package window.


Click the browse browse.pngbutton and select the desired target directory, or type the directory location directly into the Location drop down control.  Then enter a meaningful name for the subdirectory that will hold the deployment package.  This name does not need to be the same name as the deployment package.


Finally, click OK.  After the package is copied to the new location, a confirmatory message will appear.


You can also copy the deployment package to a file system location on another computer. 

  1. On the target computer, create the directory into which you will copy the deployment package.
  2. Open this directory's Properties panel Sharing tab and click Share... to open the File Sharing window.
  3. Select Everyone or enter a specific user account name and click Share, then Done in the next window.  Note on the Sharing tab the network path to this shared directory, for example \\computerName\sharedDirectoryName.  You will need to enter this path into the Location control on the Publish Deployment Package window.
  4. Click the Security tab and, if necessary, add Everyone to the Group or user names collection.
  5. Then ensure that Everyone, or your specific user account, has Modify and Write permissions on the target directory.
  6. Click OK and Close to complete the configuration process.
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