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This is the set of files used in the QlikView 11 Tutorial which are originally offered in .dbf format.  Since there is no .dbf ODBC connector for 64-bit programs, the demo cannot be used in QlikView 12 product which is 64-bit installation.  As far as I can tell the the Tutorial has not been made available for QlikView 12, but this upload fixes that problem.

In order to use this set of files, you will have to install the 64-bit Excel/Access file connectors: Download Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable from Official Microsoft Download Cent....  Then you need to run odbcad32.exe to ADD the Microsoft Access Text Driver for .csv files just installed (look for .csv files in the ADD driver combo-list that comes up.)  If you name this driver FARS, and uncheck the Use Current Directory box, and point instead to the folder where you put the uploaded .csv files I provide here, you will be able to run the QlikView 11 Tutorial in QlikView 12 without changing the scripts.

In the process of working this out I also created .xlsx versions of these files.  However, because the ODBC connector for .xlsx files is to an individual file instead of to a folder, you would need 114 ODBC connections for this to work: clearly not a great plan.   However in the process I did discover that there are some non-printing characters in column 47 of some of the files, so be aware there is some minor data corruption in the original files.  I did not bother to fix all these.  This is a small thing, but good to be aware of it.

I hope this is useful for someone, and if this is a duplicate or not useful, please just delete the upload and this Description.

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