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Format Issues

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Format Issues

 Hi All,


Can some one guide me for below issue.


I have one fact object and Threshold object.


in my fact object i have my Numerator and Denominator (Which is Num Value and Den value) and threshold i have Num which is my Threshold values. ( as per below snapshot)Threshold.PNG

SO when i am Concatenating both objects and writing below Expression to get Threshold values in my report. but i am not getting it  in my report because of format in back end.

Num( MAX({$<FY_QM={'Threshold'},WW=,Region=, Subregion=, Subregion1=, Subregion2=, Country=,Area=,Region_memberid_label={$(vUnqGeography)},=>} NumValue),) ),


For your reference i am attaching my Report.


For Example in the attached report for customer utilization Metric under Threshold i should see 0.7 - 0.8how to get that ?

for L3 CSAT Value i should see 0.826 - 0.908


Values is coming under Num Value


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Contributor II

HI All,

i Changed my Expression to below and works fine for me.


MAXSTRING({$<FY_QM={'Threshold'},WW=,Region=, Subregion=, Subregion1=, Subregion2=, Country=,Area=,Region_memberid_label={$(vUnqGeography)},=>} NumValue)


Thank You


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