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Get Bookmark Report from all your DocInternals.xml (fields and values)


Get Bookmark Report from all your DocInternals.xml (fields and values)

For those who want to get an overview on all the document bookmarks from all the QVW files in your environment, this tool will be very helpful.

  • It requires that you create "-prj" Folders for such QVW, which should be reported.
  • It flattens the field selections of the bookmark into a central QVW and also per project into a file "~BookmarkReport.txt" (optional)
  • It can scan multiple folder structures (configurable) and concatenate the results

Set the folders which you like to scan (multiple values separated by new-line) and then re-run script.




How It Works?

The entire information of a QVW-file's bookmark (field, values, settings) is found in a XML tree structure within DocInternals.xml file of the -prj folder.

( If you don't have a -prj Folder yet, simply create it under the same location where the QVW is placed and give it the same name as the qvw but with "-prj" instead of ".qvw". The next time you open and save the QVW with QlikView Developer Client the -prj folder will be populated with a number of .xml and .txt files. )

Some tricks have been used to convert the bookmark infos into a flat table:

  • Field selections in alternate states are in a different XML branch than field selections in the main state
  • Numeric values are in 64-bit Hex, not directly readable; there was no built-in function to convert it and I learned in this community how to decode this http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-4388
  • Text constants, number constants or formulas used to select field values are stored in different places. Those are merged into one column in the report; --> so nevermind if you put 2014 or "Europe" or "AT\*" or "=LEFT(Category,1)='2'" ... this will be in the column "FieldValue" of the report

See attached file ~BookmarkReport.txt to see what you will get (It will be put into each -prj folder separately, but the QVW has the full picture of all project folders)

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