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Getting Started with QlikView - Connect and Query Data


Getting Started with QlikView - Connect and Query Data

This is video #2 in the  multi-part Getting Started with QlikView series that will help you become more familiar with QlikView. In the previous video (Download and Install)  we downloaded and installed QlikView Desktop. In this video we will use QlikView Desktop to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database and access some tables needed for our analysis.

For best viewing results, view the video in a higher resolution and full screen.


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It is really helpfule. Thank u.

Thanks and Regards

Amol Khochare

Valued Contributor III

Hi mto

I greatly appreciate you creating all the tutorial videos and all the efforts involved. They are very helpful and comprehensive. However please note that YouTube is blocked in most corporate environments. As your audience are mainly employees who are using their corporate QlikView license (You can't practically use QlikView at home without a license), this can be very frustrating.

Can you please ensure that you either host the videos directly on Qlik.com or alternatively please provide at least a PDF file of the video-content you have produced. This goes especially for Qlik Sense, as information resources are very scarce for that product.

Many thanks and keep up the good work,



Hi Martin - thank you. And  yes in deed we are aware - when applicable I can make this available as .mp4 files for download. - wol‌ - please take this into consideration.

I will add the .mp4 to this document for you - stand by


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Hi Michael,

When I am trying to upload the query. In Data link property Tab I am facing problem to select database on  server when I click on the option. An Error Appears Microsoft data link Error server dose not exist or Assess denied.

Login failed : Catalog information can not be retrieved.

Could you please help me with the issue?




Hi Yogendra, thanks for reaching out - can you post your discussion here:New to QlikView  so others can also see this? When a comment is added only I are others who commented can see it and at times I might not be able to help as quickly. I will also take a look at it. Please include steps and screenshots as well to support the issue.




Just as a reference, you lust have the appropriate access to the data source - in this case I have Windows NT authentication setup in my MS SQL Server:

My SQL Server security is also setup for Windows and SQL Authentication:

Please verify these settings in your data source - if MS SQL Server or another RDBMS

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