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Getting the most out of a Trellis bar chart, some tricks

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Getting the most out of a Trellis bar chart, some tricks

Getting the most out of a Trellis bar chart, some tricks.

The Trellis chart can be useful for displaying the same chart over a dimension, but it has its limitations. This document aims to show how to get around some of those limitations.


  • - No Sorting within the (2nd) Trellis dimension

     You may want to sort on the outcomes for each trellis chart separately, but the same order is displayed for all Trellis charts.

  • - Same values for the (2nd) Trellis dimension.

     You may want to display e.g. a top ten for each of the Trellis charts.

Work around:

  • - Use a rank as second dimension and an expression for the dimension label


  • - Fixed y axis for all Trellis charts

     The same min and max values are used for all Trellis charts axes


  • - For the display of the bar use an expression to calculate the difference from the average of the 1st dimension
  • - To display the actual outcome, use an expression with values on datapoint.

This way you are more likely to get the most out of the limited display area in a trellis chart


See the attached qvw for the specifics.

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People needs more tricks & tips.

Thank you; I like Trellis bar chart the most !

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Very useful. Thanks


New Contributor II

Thanks this really helped me

Really good.


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Nice article with good pointers.


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Good one!

I have used Trellis_charts in some of my apps and the fixed y_axis was always what bothered me the most - if I needed to display the avg. of trucks arrived on a given day (around 20 or so) and the nr. of boxes received on that day (in the 100s), that was an issue.

I usually avoided that by instead using several individual charts which I positioned like they would be in a Trellis_chart, all having the same visibility_condition.

I will have a look at the qvw you attached for details on how to work around that.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Have you Ever done a similar exercise with a Scattergram graph, i am battling with the standard X and Y axis



Hi Piet Hein van der Stigchel,

I didn't understood the fixed Y-axis issue you mentioned. Can you please elaborate a bit as i have to use the same in my current asignment. Some screenshots with highlighted portion will be best.

Thanks in advance.



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The same Y-axis min and max values are used for all trellis charts, they are not dynamic for the trellis dimension as you can see here:


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