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How To /Missing Manual (25 articles)

How To /Missing Manual (25 articles)

Valued Contributor III

Thanks Robert for gathering all in one place.

Esteemed Contributor

That is a great thing! I hope this is going to be continued by you and/or by others - it's certainly worth having all the explanations that can't be found in the manual - also because the manual has about 1.000 pages, which makes it less than ideal for learners ...


Robert you are doing a tremendous job, specially for those who have started learning QlikView now. Hoping a few more Missing Manuals in coming days from you.

Contributor III

Excellent job Robert!

Hopefully, your work will incite the Qlik team to enhance QlikView's manual and help files!


Valued Contributor III

Macro excellent.. Thanks a lot for this .

Valued Contributor II

Thank you Robert. Nice job.

Expression Scene Investigation, E1: Moving Average - very good topic

Valued Contributor III

Hi Robert,

Can I see Robert Mika's explaination on Maps from novice to professional point of view.

Points like

Types of Maps

What are the different extension available for Maps


Maps are the things which are a little tough to get in Qlikview!


Kiran Kumar

Thank you for your comments.

I will see what can I do...

Valued Contributor II

Hi Robert_Mika:    

I have a requirement use QlikView to introduce and save budgets in a sales app.

I get answers in the community for using INPUTFIELD and a short macro for saving a online table box as qvd. It works for a simple table but I have a straight table with two groups as dimension (Company/Salesman and Year/Month) and sum(Sales) as expression

My sales table have different granularity SalesDate (YYYYMMDD) than the budget, it would be by year or by month.

I have read about INPUTSUM and INPUTAVG in the online help and I'm not able to make it works.

Do you have any Missing Manual about this functions ?

Thank you, very much


I do not have yet but have you seen this post?

Simple example of using inputfields

Does this help somehow?

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