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How to - Double layout ("Sausage") gauge

How to - Double layout ("Sausage") gauge

The native  QV gauges are not very sexy but you can give them little makeover.

Please see below one on how to do that

(you can find out more her

Dislike gauge charts? You may want to give them a second chance)

The idea here is to have our scale started at 12 am (or pm).

We will need two gauges precisely layout out one on another.

The first gauge is just a circle,  the second will hold calculation and segments.


Turn on the " Design grid" option.


It is very helpful when deciding upon the size of the chart or adjusting the layout.

First Gauge

Press right button anywhere on the tab and from option choose "Create New Sheet Object.." and then "Chart..."

a) Tab : General :-

Choose gauge from the chart options.

b) Dimension:


c) Expressions:

Add '1' as expression


d) Sort:


e) Style:

Choose the first top left corner chart


f) Presentation:

Fallow the picture below:


g) Actions:


h) Colors:

The  "Color Background" and the "Frame Background " "Transparency" must be set to 100%

i) Layout:

The "Use Borders " box must be empty

j) Caption:

The "Show Caption" box must be empty

The final result is a  blue circle.


Second gauge

Points a-e

(Follow instruction on first chart)

f) Presentation:

Follow the picture below.

Where Segment 1 Lower Bound is 0  and color is Blue and Segment 2 Lower Bound is is your expression

(in this example only decimal number is use but normally you will need to enter an expression in form x/y)

and the color is transparent.

Add Text in "Text in Chart"  option and format it as %.

Segment 1Segment 2

Points g-j

Follow instruction for the first chart.

The final result:


And the two gauges joined together:


and a small visualization



Did You like it?


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Valued Contributor II

Nice presentation of Guage chart.

Honored Contributor III

excellent idea...

Not applicable

Very great idea

New Contributor III

Robert_Mika‌Very useful stuff, thanks for sharing. I tried it and got one issue, on layout tab I can't see 'Use Borders' box. In fact, several other options are missing. In your qvw, I can see the those option which you mentioned above like 'Use Borders' box . Where am I going wrong ?  Please see the picture below:

layout tab.png


Valued Contributor

Good idea, but if your first gauge is just for create the circle, you can create with text object with this characteristics and the put the gauge over it.



Jolivares ...or a simple text object with an embedded picture.

You are right but once you start to resize the the picture you will lose some control on the quality of the object

Good idea.

Go first to Settings -->Document Properties -->General and turn on Advance Mode under Styling


New Contributor III

Robert_Mika‌ Thanks, it appeared.

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