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How to create Water Fall Charts

Creator II
Creator II

How to create Water Fall Charts

Hello everybody,

This post is about creating Water Fall Charts step-by-step, using as an example the Data Visualization located in the Get Started model.

First you have to define your expressions, I will use Revenue, COGS, Expenses, Tax and Net Income.

This is how the char will look like at the end:

Water Fall.png

First open the chart selector by clicking in the Create Chart. There in bar type select Bar Chart and click Next:

Chart Selector.png

In the Dimension step leave the dimensions in blank, we won't need any, click next:


In the expression editor I will use the data fields that I mentioned above. The first expression will be the sum of the Revenue, so I add Sum(Revenue). The second expression will be the COGS and I add Sum(COGS) and so on with the rest of data fields.


From the second expression hereinafter I will use this property called "Bar Offset". This creates that gap between the axe and the value, showing the bar like it was suspended in the chart.

I will substract each value from the Revenue like this (each point for each expression):

  • For COGS: Sum(Revenue) - Sum(COGS)
  • For Expenses: Sum (Revenue) - Sum([COGS]) - Sum([Expenses])
  • For Tax: Sum (Revenue) - Sum([COGS]) - Sum([Expenses]) - Sum(Tax)
  • And for the Net Income we leave the Bar Offset in blank and write this in the expression definition: Sum (Revenue) - Sum([COGS]) - Sum([Expenses]) - Sum(Tax)


And that's the way to create a Water Fall Chart.

I hope thi will be helpfull.

P.S: I apologize for any grammar mistake, english is not my native language. Any correction or suggestion don't doubt to tell me!

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I have a doubt, I created a waterfall chart by copying it from another sheet and then making the necessary changes, but it is not getting populated properly corresponding to the selections made. Can anyone tell me why? I have used alternate state for that sheet.

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