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How to draw circles in QlikView

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How to draw circles in QlikView

Often we need to use circles or some other symbols as indicators of something bad or good. Sometimes, we need create a Help button.

In these cases developers usually use images, but what do you think is it image?

Or these indicators for example?

The answer is No. They are just the text objects.

How to do it.

First of all you need to enable Advanced Styling Mode in Document Properties.

To draw a circle you need to create a text object and modify some options here

Go to Properties\Layout

Make sure that all Rounded Corners are selected

Squareness should be equal 2

In Corner Radius Relative % = 100 selected

As result you will have something like this circle

If you would like to create  ‘Help button’

You need:

  • add ‘?’ as text,
  • change the font size and color,
  • change background to two color gradient and select colors
  • add green border with border style ‘Raised’.
  • resize your text object

To create indicators like this

you need to make background transparent, but set up the Border Width to 2 pt.

So, finally you can switch the indicator from green to red with the following expression for Border Color


Let's play a bit more with Rounded Corners settings




Unfortunately I haven't found how to create triangle with only one object.

Let me know if you know how to do it.


Unfortunately in web-view and AJAX it's remain squares, except small ones.

To be honest they are squares as well, but so small that look like circle.

Another way to draw circle is idea  jaimeaguilar

-as an alternative you can use chr(9679) for colored circles or chr(9675) for blank circles.

Thanks for that. I've found a  to draw triangle.

=chr(9650) & chr(9651) & chr(9660) & chr(9661)

Moreover I can draw a star!

=chr(9733) and =chr(9734)

Only one note - unfortunately you can't resize it as you want. Only make it bigger or smaller with the font size.

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Nice post!

Contributor II

Thanks for sharing !!

Looks awesome and would prove to be very helpful. Thanks for putting this together.



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yes, this is undoubtedly very useful!

I have only made the experience that our client_machines running XP with IE 8 cannot display those - in the Browser, the textboxes remain square no matter how I tune them in the client.

Can more recent versions of IE display them like that?

Very cool stuff. For me, only the small red and green circles render in ajax (webview, chrome and IE). The others remain square.

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as an alternative you can use chr(9679) for colored circles or chr(9675) for blank circles.

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Thank you for your feedback!

Great post.

Keep sharing

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Excellent, very helpful

Esteemed Contributor

Hi Rob,

it's relieving in a way to hear that it's not just me that has problems with some tweaks.

It's a pity for those shapes are really cool - and one can render more by experimenting with the different factors.

Doesn't make any sense in our installation at the moment because all users but very few access QlikView via the Browser, but that might change in future ...

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