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How to set-up QlikView Document Administration

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How to set-up QlikView Document Administration


The QlikView Document Administration functionality allows a dashboard developer to access the QEMC for the purposes of administering their dashboards.  When enabled, the dashboard developer will be able to schedule data loads and distribution of their dashboard.

Document Administrators will have access to their own dashboard infrastructure within the QEMC Status and Document tabs, but they will not have access to the other Enterprise configuration tabs within the QEMC.

One-Time QlikView Server Set-Up

Go to the Computer Management console within the Administrative Tools on your Windows servers which are running the QlikView Server service.  Add the group “QlikView Document Administrators”, and then add the network groups or accounts to that group for the folks who will have this access.

Important Note: The functionality will not work if the group is not named exactly as specified by QlikTech.


Grant Document Administrator Distribution Privileges

Navigate to the QlikView Enterprise Management Console (QEMC):

Select the “System” tab.  Select the “Setup” tab.

Select the server or server cluster under the “QlikView Servers” folder.  And, select the “Folder Access” tab.

Click on the person plus icon next to the mounted Access Point folder.  Grant the Document Administrator privileges there.  Important note: Do NOT grant them access to the whole server.  There is a bug (in v10) where if you do that, you might be able to change it to someone else, but you will never be able to remove it.

Remember to click the "Apply" button.


Grant Document Administrator Document Refresh Privileges

Select the “System” tab.  Select the “Setup” tab.

Select the server or distribution cluster under the “Distribution Services” folder.  And, select the “General” tab.

Click on the green plus icon on the “Source Folders” section to add the dashboard developers individual or team work area directory, i.e where their source code (dashboard infrastructure) is located.

Click on the person plus icon and add their network account to be able to distribute from their directory.

Remember to click the “Apply” button.


Document Administration Perspective

When you as an administrator grant access to the Document Administrator to schedule tasks, you will see another directory in the “Documents” > “Source Documents” path.  This is the only directory that the Document Administrator will be able to see.

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It was shared on a network drive but that still didnt work. We ended up having the same password for both server user accounts and that fixed it. Seems odd but that fixed it.

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I followed the procedure explained, but was unsuccesful.

Here is a screen shot of my user access without doing anything:

Here is a screen shot of my user access after having followed the procedure:

What seems really odd to me is that I even don't see the green gear with QDS@hostname. I only see "No tasks to display".

Has anyone an idea of what I missed ?

Thanks in advance

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