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Insert a string value to multiple InputField rows

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Insert a string value to multiple InputField rows

I was part of a project where a requirement came up to insert a selected string value to multiple inputfields. I found a very good post about inputting a single string value to a inputfield ( Use a macro to update InputField ) and in the comments there were talks about how to do this for multiple lines at once.

I was trying to find a ready-made example macro for this back then, but couldn't. So, here is a concept how I did it myself.

The main thing to remember is to have the id column for the inputfield values, starting from 0. The variable vSelectedInputIds creates a pipe concatenated string of the ids in the selection, ie. 2|3|4|5. UpdateValues macro reads this variable and chops it up one part at time and updates the inputfield value with the current id.

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Wow, I think this is something I can use for one of my application where it would make the user's task easy to enter a predefined value into a INPUTFIELD.

Thanks for sharing this.



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This will be very useful... Thank you.

Any idea how I can add 12 new rows Jan-Dec and I also need to add a new row for New Customer Name?

Thanks - Nick

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Hi Nick,

Probably, but unfortunately can't really help with such little information. If you could describe your issue in more specific manner and preferebly include a small example file that shows what you are trying to achieve, I will be able to assist you.



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Hi Henry,

I am trying to do something different but maybe you can help me.

I want the data in "Index Feed" (Expression) column to populate the "Index" (Input Fields) column on the right.

At the moment is manual and I am sure there's a way to write a Macro that does it for me.

As you can see every year has its own "Index Feed".


Thanks in advance.


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