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Its All about the BUTTONS.

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Its All about the BUTTONS.

Hello All,

At my work place there was a requirement that some buttons(nearly 5-10 buttons in a Separate tab called 'Filters') should hide/unhide their concerned list boxes/charts (Not a tough one to create one though) and two master buttons to 'Select All these buttons which in turn selects list boxes automatically' and to 'Clear All buttons and list boxes' allowing one single particular button to do its own work along with proper coloring of these buttons.

Analysing some buttons' documents (posted in QlikCommunity) i came up with a solution which met my client's requirement(I used two buttons and 3 text objects which acts like buttons in below screenshot).

Thought of sharing this with the Qlik community, as i owe this to the QlikCommunity.

Also PS attached for your reference/work.


Functioning of the buttons as follows:

1.Hit [Select All] Button to see all the list boxes (it also selects all the buttons) -A Master Button

2.Hit Any Button to see/hide only its concerned List Box. - Child Buttons

3.[Clear all] button clears all the selections as well as the list boxes -A Master Clear Button


1.A white button indicates that it can be selected and green button indicates that its been selected.

2.If there's some inappropriate coloring on the buttons at any point all of a sudden, Hit [Clear all] button once and start again.

3.Instead of List Boxes, you can create some charts or any other sheet objects based on your requirement.

Hope this helps.



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Some good ideas here, thanks. Buttons can often be a powerful way to present options to end users in an intuitive way.

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I often use buttons to give the user the ability to select a date range for objects.  It also add some pleasant cosmetic appearance to a sheet with just square and rectangular object boxes.  Brings out my artistic side. 

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I only use buttons when is needed.


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Hi Krishna,

Thanks for sharing!

I'm a big fan of attaching actions to text boxes, and making a responsive UI with dynamic colours.

I have a blog post and video on the topic that you may find interesting:



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Thanks for the link which you've shared.



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