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Jump Directly from QlikView app to SAP

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Jump Directly from QlikView app to SAP


This solution enables to open a SAP-GUI session directly from QlikView client, including T-code and Parameter values.

The example I uploaded uses a Single Sign On, opening T-code QM03, passing on the notification number selected in QlikView.

For example: A user wants investigates notification number '200012345' that appear in QlikView. He can jump to SAP, T-code QM03 - in a Single Qlik.

In order for the example to work, you need to configure your:

1. SAP system ID.

2. Client number

3. SNC name (Single Sign On service name. Ask you Basis team - they will know)

This solution can save a lot of time and annoying actions for users who want to make detailed analysis of SAP entities that appear in QlikView reports.

The solution can also support jumping to BEx (BW) reports. All you need to do is jump to t-code: RRMXP.

If you want to pass BEx variable values from QlikView, you will have to use FM: RSAH_LAUNCH_EXCEL.

Please contact me for any questions


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Hello Yaniv,

How can you send the login and password along to avoid manual action?

If you're already logged into the system. you shouldn't need to logoff the other screen?

Best regards,


Creator III
Creator III

Hi Frank

There are 2 ways to avoid manual login:

1. Use existing SAP Single Sign On (SSO) - In case you have this solution implemented - would be the properly secured way to authenticate against SAP.

2. Pass Username and Password from QlikView in the command line. This is not highly secured, but provided out of the box in SAPSHCUT.EXE using parameters -user, -pw . Have a look at the screenshot below:

2015-10-02 00_19_56-SAP GUI Shortcut.png

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